Their main value is their human resources. Currently, the area counts with a team of 10 technologists and scientists in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and engineering who count with a trajectory of more than 20 years of expertise. The ICT also counts with a Scientific Advisory Board that strengthens the area's performance by providing a medium and long term vision.

All of the area’s activities and internal management are based on the use of the most advanced and competitive concepts and means, showing results in new technologies and production procedures, in the combination of raw materials, in the use of biomedicine in the conception of new products, in the design of functional and attractive packaging and in the consolidation of the technological infrastructure.

In this way ICT helps to solve specific needs, creating at the same time high-end solutions, anticipating to consumption behavior and establishing new standards that make an impact on whatever happens in the domestic and international industry.

As a fundamental goal for client satisfaction, ICT searches for the excellence in its performance. Its daily effort is devoted to fulfill its obligations with the highest quality, in a broad sense. ICT considers its quality policy as “a continuous approach towards the improvement of results and procedures in order to obtain products with the expected quality standard, in the desired time.” In order to obtain this, ICT counts with its own Methodology for the Development and Management of Projects, this is endorsed by the company’s expertise in the rigorous compliance of ISO 9001:2000 standards.

For Laboratorios Cantúa the respect for the environment has been a constant concern, and this is taken into account in all of its developments. The ICT has its own System of Environmental Management which reaffirms its strong commitment to the compliance of standards and procedures that result in the highest quality standards and allow a sustainable growth in time.

Along its 30 years of existence, Laboratorios Cantúa has been strongly related with the evolution of cosmetics within the framework of consumer needs. Every year ICT develops more than 200 projects, centered in promoting the company’s production offer, the use of packaging that can solve major needs, the incorporation of biological components and the creation of new categories of products.

In this way, Laboratorios Cantúa has definitely contributed to the development of new categories of products by extending and laying out cosmetics to a larger quantity of consumers in different markets, promoting usability and quality and making progress in the industry’s development.

Their activities have created an important number of patents and registries, contributing notoriously to increase the intellectual property of Laboratorios Cantúa.